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“Apex is an accommodating environment for everyone. More so, the coaches are extremely brushed up on their knowledge of each sport. Coming to Apex you see a lot of males because naturally men are more inclined to take part in a fighting sport than women. Despite this, I feel safe and comfortable in the gym. Not only are the men good people, but the coaches follow up to ask if you’re okay and if they can assist you in anyway. Don’t forget the chunes.”
Sascha robinson

“Apex has quite literally become a home away from home for me. Apex provides not only training but an environment to study, take online meetings, or even just to relax with friends between lectures. LIFT Coffee serves incredible coffee and great WiFi – all the essentials for a university student.

It’s also no secret that the training at Apex is world class, being an affiliate under Richard Quan. The healthy competitive atmosphere within the Apex Army provides you with amazing training and lessons that transcend that sport of boxing and BJJ itself. I couldn’t be more thankful for the gym, coaches, and the friends I’ve made along the way. I look forward with excitement to see how Apex grows in the near future – I honestly couldn’t recommend a better gym to join.”

Brad Lucas

“I felt it necessary to warn people about Apex. Whatever you do, don’t go there. I have been a member there since they opened and have asked Chelsea for a coffee every day and she has said no EVERYDAY. I think I am finally getting through to her though, but if you come along and are better looking than me (unlikely) she may say yes to you. Appreciated.”

Justin Naicker

“This is the worst gym in SA if not the world. Besides the  World Class Training, unbelievable Tunes from DJ Flame and unrivalled comradery, it has been a let down. Also I hate the fact that it is so addictive, I came here once and never left. Try for yourself, you will hate it too.”

Brandon de Souza

“Well from when I first became a member of Apex, I was welcomed in with open arms from the very start. Every member I came across showed warmth with positive attitudes and a willingness to help those who need it. Ego and arrogance is something the Apex community never promotes and in fact won’t tolerate from it’s own members.

Whenever describing what expect from Apex gym to people outside the community, I mention how it is a safe environment for learning to all who are interested in the martial arts experience. Coming to Apex you can expect to learn from everyone young or old, I am thankful to have found this community and I hope many more can come share this experience in this wonderful community and lifestyle of brotherhood.”



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